Dark Moon

Dark Moon IllustrationWow! I do believe I’m on an astronomy kick here.

For you mystery writers out there,  doesn’t Dark Moon sound more sinister than Blue Moon?

“Once in a blue moon–” happens only when there is a second full moon in the same calendar month.  Do you remember that charming song from decades ago, Blue Moon? 

But dark moon? Until I received this link from that comet/asteroid hunting brother of mine, Graham Bell, I had never heard of a dark moon.  He’s becoming a great resource for my writing, and he doesn’t even know it.

Since there actually is a lunar event called a Dark Moon, isn’t that good news for your mystery-writing muse? An astronomical description of the dark moon says dark moons occur mid-point after the full moon (when the moon isn’t visible because of the background of the sun) and when the first sliver of the moon reappears. Early maritime records claimed the dark moon as the new moon–before it becomes that little slice of silver crescent.  There are some arguments about the definition of Dark Moon, but this one is good enough for me. (If I messed this up, my brother will set me straight.)

I become excited–almost uncontrollable–when I learn something new like this. My mind lunges ahead, devoid of reason, obsessed with  possibilities that wait for me in my writing world.

Does something like this start your mind plotting and the scenes simmering?  Did you know about this? Aha! Is your creative, nefarious minds doing in your next victim during a Dark Moon.

Now let’s not saturate the market (wink-wink)with Dark Moon  mysteries, but if you comment below (you have to scroll down), I’d love to know what triggers some of your creative ideas.

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8 Responses to Dark Moon

  1. Graham Bell says:

    Charlene, even more sinister than a dark moon is that it is really called called a black moon.
    Your pretend astronomer brother.


  2. Ha! I think I’ll have to leave this astronomy stuff to the experts. Wikipedia has site for dark moon and another one for black moon. Okay writers, who wants the dark and who wants the black? They both conjure up intrigue, right? Thanks, bro.


  3. Bruce bell says:

    Rule #1: do not trust wiki sites.
    Rule #2: do not trust your brother-in-law.
    Rule #3: brothers are OK one they have grown up. …and they will eventually.


  4. Thanks, Bruce. Okay, got #1 down. For some reason, I agree with #2 and promise I won’t put my trust there. I’m still waiting for #3 to happen. 🙂
    Love ya, Sis


  5. Don Bell says:

    So moons are important in many ways. My favorite quote is a line of poetry, the source and context of which I can not find. The imagery here is strong.

    “..They walked hand in hand beneath the bare oak trees and the moon walked with them.”
    (paraphrased from memory)

    I came across this about 2002 while listening to NPR LA. They were interviewing a composer of modern classical music who stated that this quote and it’s poem were the inspiration of his new composition. The poem refers to a military officer (Roman Empire?) and an unavailable woman (in England?) (already married?) and their love.

    So… who can find the precise line and it’s source poem? I would be grateful.


  6. Well, if that’s paraphrased, you should be a writer. The emotion and imagery created by those few words feels profound. Have to confess, I did a quick search on Google, but nothing– Thanks for leaving a comment, Love you guys, Sis
    P.S. Re: Bruce (above) #2. I have no sisters, just incredible brothers.


  7. Thanks for the Dark Moon discussion. As you undoubtedly remember in my prologue to Easter Egg, I say “Even the moon turned its back on the earth, leaving the stars the sole source of light.” I’ve gotten grief on that because obviously the moon doesn’t turn its back to us. So perhaps I’ll change it to “…hid it’s face from the earth…” and think of it as a Dark Moon! Love it!!


    • Wow–glad to be of help. Maybe even, “Even the dark moon hid from the earth, . . .” But I like your original one, because only fools would think you didn’t know the moon couldn’t turn it’s back. Sometimes people try to be too politically/educationally/scientifically correct when often it’s all a figure of speech or just plain fun. Good luck on all that editing. I do understand!


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