TRIBUTE TO A FRIEND- Judith Van Gieson

Judith Van Gieson passed away unexpectedly in Albuquerque, NM in January. I took these photos of her at what I expect was her last public appearance. Here she is holding the manuscript of her book that had been adopted for the screen.

Judith Van Gieson, Keynote Speaker, at the Albuquerque Press Women’s Conference, 2019, entranced the audience by describing how several of her books were discovered and optioned for adaptation to the screen. Judith’s books have been published by Harper Collins, UNM Press, and Signet. Several of her thirteen books have earned the Kirkus Starred Review. She often assisted authors and created her own publishing business, ABQ PRESS.

Keynote Speaker, Judith Van Gieson

As the president of the NM Sisters in Crime Chapter, Croak and Dagger, it tickled me to see some of our members up front and center at the NM Press Women 2019 Conference. Judith Van Gieson, a Croak and Dagger member, and I often had lunch together. She would entertain me with “How publishing used to be.” Sigh! I wonder if anyone in the future will dream about the good old publishing days of 2019.

The world will miss this talented and intelligent woman. I certainly will.

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6 Responses to TRIBUTE TO A FRIEND- Judith Van Gieson

  1. Margaret Tessler says:

    This is a beautiful tribute to a lovely woman. Thank you, Charlene.


    • Margaret, dear friend. Thank you for your comment. She and I had some good laughs and wonderful discussions. I absolutely adored all the books she wrote. I truly will miss Judith.


      • Stephen Halstead says:

        Judith published my book Everywhere Spirit. Could you tell me what happened. I had no idea she was in poor health. My condolences to all who knew her. Stephen


      • Stephen, her passing surprised us all. I’d had lunch with her weeks before. All I can say is I suspect her heart gave out. I live sixty miles from Albuquerque, so I really do not know what happened, except I don’t believe she was ill. She had wonderful stories to tell, and I enjoyed her company.


  2. Charlene: Your tribute to Judith is much appreciated. I’m sure she would have been pleased to see your kind remarks and happy you were telling people about her talent and books. She was a most interesting person. I always enjoyed the chats we had, and she had a wicked sense of humor!

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