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Playful ways to stretch your imagination

Happiness Secrets and the Study of Natural and Synthetic Happiness

Are you a people watcher? If you’re a writer, you are. I am, and I’ve noticed something disturbing. At least once a week I leave our quiet rural roads where we all smile and wave to one another, even if … Continue reading

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What I Learned from the Song Bird in a Wooden Cage

The endearing song of some small bird pulled me, I had to see the source.  I trotted down a narrow, stone street, these streets were all made for traffic of the two wheeled or two legged kind. I was fortunate … Continue reading

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Defining Our Differences: Another Test For You

I pulled out my car keys and started out the door.  My husband stopped me and smiled.  He handed me a map because he knows me well. I usually have a good sense of where I’m going and how to … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk–Secrets about Artists and Geniuses

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Perception Video Quizes

Dr. Daniel  Simons and his assistant Christophe Chabris , in the1990’s, created a sixty-second perception test that required people to watch a video.  This little brain-test quiz is now world famous.  Even though this video and his subsequent ones are … Continue reading

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Frog Leap Test

Second Graders in China have no problem solving this problem. Frog Leap Test The solution isn’t so obvious to those of us with older minds.

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