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How do clues work?  This question became one of my biggest worries when I started writing murder mysteries.  At a  conference last Saturday (hosted by Croak & Dagger, the Albuquerque Chapter of Sisters in Crime) Jan Burk, moderator of our … Continue reading

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If you slow down so everyone can catch up, then no one reaches his or her full potential.

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I hate roller coasters. Now I’m on one, excited–intimidated–euphoric–worried– Well, you know how it goes if you’re a writer and remember when your very first book finally found a home after all those years of revisions, advice, revisions, and more … Continue reading

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Blog Hop: Game of Tag about How We Write.

Patricia Smith Wood tagged me in the Blog Hop sweeping the internet for writers. I’m to reveal my innermost writing secrets.  Also I’ve tagged two other engaging authors. I’ll tell you who they are at the end of my post. … Continue reading

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Defining Our Differences: Another Test For You

Originally posted on Inkydance Studios:
I pulled out my car keys and started out the door.  My husband stopped me and smiled.  He handed me a map because he knows me well. I usually have a good sense of where…

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Mysterious – Altruistic Children of the Amazon

We woke to rain . . . a steady drizzle . . .  The tucked away villagers waited near the inlet to welcome the morning visitors to the slippery grass and mud covered slopes. Children scrambled down to the dock, … Continue reading

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Happiness Revisited

Happiness Secrets and the Study of Natural and Synthetic Happiness  posted on February 8, 2013 evoked a comment about the use of the word mastery in i09’s article listing six ways to be happy. Is the use of the word … Continue reading

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