THE FLAPPER, THE SCIENTIST, AND THE SABOTEUR intertwines a generational battle-of-wills story about a bio-medical scientist intent on bringing a murderer to justice, and a free-spirited aunt, insisting her niece listen to her heart and live in the moment.  ISBN: 978-1-945212-51-2 KIRKUS (STARRED REVIEW)

THE FLAPPER, THE IMPOSTOR, AND THE STALKER: A 1923 teenager flees to Chicago, hoping to find happiness as an entertainer only to discover betrayal, heartbreak, and a murderous stalker. ISBN: 978-1-945212-66-6 KIRKUS (STARRED REVIEW)

THE SCIENTIST, THE PSYCHIC, AND THE NUT: Determined to recapture romance in her marriage, the scientist takes her husband on the vacation of his dreams. But her obsession to discover the identity of her father turns their island-hoping trip into a lethal nightmare.  ISBN: 978-1-945212-56-7

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Charlene Bell Dietz
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