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High Intelligence, High Manual Performance, High Risk

“He’s so knowledgeable and such a hard worker.” The woman took a sip of her coffee. “We’re fortunate to have him as our handyman.” I didn’t post this last week because this knowledgeable, hard worker, who lived in my friend’s … Continue reading

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Amazing Place for Any Age and Any Writer: NMMNHS

Non-stick Ketchup, an eerie voice comes back from Mars, the smallest fossil footprint ever, dinosaurs, volcanoes,  and stuff you can touch wait for you at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. If you’re at all curious about … Continue reading

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Dark Moon

Wow! I do believe I’m on an astronomy kick here. For you mystery writers out there,  doesn’t Dark Moon sound more sinister than Blue Moon? “Once in a blue moon–” happens only when there is a second full moon in … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know to catch the Curiosity rover landing

UPDATE:  No, no, no–NASA has a touch-down clock that says the Curiosity will land at 1:31 SDT, on August 6th; 11:31 MDT on August 5th; and 10:31 PDT August 5th.   And a big “Thank you” to my comet/asteroid chasing brother, … Continue reading

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Help! I’m Missing In Action

Frankly, I don’t know how writers write and still find time to blog. Would someone let me know how that works?  I’m right at the end of yet another draft, and it’s been forever since I last wrote anything to … Continue reading

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Defining Our Differences: Another Test For You

I pulled out my car keys and started out the door.  My husband stopped me and smiled.  He handed me a map because he knows me well. I usually have a good sense of where I’m going and how to … Continue reading

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