Amazing Place for Any Age and Any Writer: NMMNHS

Non-stick Ketchup, an eerie voice comes back from Mars, the smallest fossil footprint ever, dinosaurs, volcanoes,  and stuff you can touch wait for you at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.

Jamie Harster exploring Jurasic Hall, 2007

If you’re at all curious about anything, how could you not love all this?  I find the place so mind simulating and magical that my creative juices don’t flow, they spill all over the place (liked that slippery ketchup).

If you’re a writer and you can’t find a plot here, you’re probably brain dead. Think about this, snakes keep tying themselves into knots and your protagonist who’s afraid of all reptiles needs to find out why. Sounds like good sci-fi, doesn’t it?  Check out the link.

On a more practical level, do you think gas prices (fossil fuels, at that) are too high? Then run your vehicles run on water.

NM state fossil still in Triassic clay from Ghost Ranch, NM

If you’re not from New Mexico, you may not know about Ghost Ranch.  New Mexico adopted a dinosaur found there as the state fossil, the small coelophysis.

Doesn’t it sort of sound like a state pet?  We finally found our pet that died around 200 million years ago buried at some place called Ghost Ranch–creepy, cool, clever?

Muriel Bradbury, J. K. Rowling, and Nevada Barr are authors of different genres and each developed plots around special places. I bet you’ll find NMMNHS a special place where plot ideas lurk everywhere, even on their Facebook wall. If you want an out-of-this-world experience, spend some time in the planetarium. NMMNHS is truly a place to stalk schemes for your book.

How many authors find inspiration from special places?  Is this a factor in your own writing?

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4 Responses to Amazing Place for Any Age and Any Writer: NMMNHS

  1. Good one, Charlene! You are so inspirational and busy!!


  2. Of all the natural history museums I’ve visited, New Mexico has one of the best for all ages and all interests with lots of hands-on activities. I didn’t even mention the wonderful movies on their large screen. Thanks for visiting, Pat.


  3. Michael 2 says:

    Wow, very cool and inspiratonal. Pat knows it! Have always been a loving a fan of

    The head size at about 1:50 or so in this video seems large but hey, it’s what we question.


    • Hi Michael II,
      Glad you enjoyed the post, but then I know how much you love this museum, too. They are doing a classic movie night on Fridays. I’m surprised they can turn those old movies into something that looks good on that huge screen. Yea for technology! So thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it.


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