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2013: A Wish for a Gentle World

A handwritten message tucked into a handmade card arrived just before Christmas to wish us peace, love, and joy for the new year. It was penned by a person who moved into our mountain community a year ago and since … Continue reading

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Single-Function Items: A Creative Game

Do some things niggle at your mind until you’re force to examine them from all sides? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for me. “Sorry I’m late.” I held up my watch for my friend to see. “It’s self-winding. My … Continue reading

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Banned Books in the U.S.A.

What happens to controversial books in the state where you live? Tattered Cover Bookstore posted this map of the U.S.A. as a finale to Banned Book week.  Worth thinking about.

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Bookish, Amazon, and you

What if best selling authors start to shun the big six publishers and head to Amazon’s new imprints? On May 23, 2011, Mike Shatzhin wrote on his blog the following: Five years ago we lived in a world where every … Continue reading

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