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Seven Ways . . . To Leave Your Loved Ones in The Cold

Seven Ways (or five or three) to Improve Your Character Studies, Seven Ways to Improve Your Plot Development, or Seven Ways to Make Your Manuscript a Best Seller: These type of articles seem to be a trend. After all, how … Continue reading

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Defining Our Differences: Another Test For You

I pulled out my car keys and started out the door.  My husband stopped me and smiled.  He handed me a map because he knows me well. I usually have a good sense of where I’m going and how to … Continue reading

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How Intelligent Are You?

Yikes! it’s the  photo of the white dictionary again (from the post two weeks ago).  But notice the key. I discovered that students who were erudite with words usually found the key to accomplished their goals.  But that was no … Continue reading

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