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I Hear Voices Part III

I used to teach teachers how to teach writing. They’d ask, “How do you give the characters’ different voices?” Simple answer: listen to how words are used, listen to how words are said, listen, listen, and watch. Tempo: Whenever my … Continue reading

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I Hear Voices Part II

Body language is a powerful voice: You’re at this party telling your friend something you’re quite passionate about.  He stares at you and lifts both eyebrows, just a little.  Now you’re annoyed. He’s just showed you he’s skeptical about what … Continue reading

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Seven Ways . . . To Leave Your Loved Ones in The Cold

Seven Ways (or five or three) to Improve Your Character Studies, Seven Ways to Improve Your Plot Development, or Seven Ways to Make Your Manuscript a Best Seller: These type of articles seem to be a trend. After all, how … Continue reading

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