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Wet Feathers, Fowl Weather and Three Lessons

Guess I’m over that (dark) moon phase and now hung up on birds and weather.  Stick with me on this because I learned some truths about the world from a torrential downpour.  A few nights ago the sky darkened and … Continue reading

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The Most Bombed Hotel In Ireland or Rain?

We plunged headlong down the street anxious to see the most bombed hotel in Ireland, but then the sky let loose enough water to drown fish– Our two friends and my husband voted for shelter in the historic Crown Bar … Continue reading

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Seven Ways . . . To Leave Your Loved Ones in The Cold

Seven Ways (or five or three) to Improve Your Character Studies, Seven Ways to Improve Your Plot Development, or Seven Ways to Make Your Manuscript a Best Seller: These type of articles seem to be a trend. After all, how … Continue reading

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Perception Video Quizes

Dr. Daniel  Simons and his assistant Christophe Chabris , in the1990’s, created a sixty-second perception test that required people to watch a video.  This little brain-test quiz is now world famous.  Even though this video and his subsequent ones are … Continue reading

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Frog Leap Test

Second Graders in China have no problem solving this problem. Frog Leap Test The solution isn’t so obvious to those of us with older minds.

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Vonnegut Plots Plotlines (via Jason B Colditz)

Unwind with some Vonnegut humor. Jason Colditz stalked the internal scheme of excellent story writing when he found the true physics behind our plots.   via Jason B Colditz

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