…this story becomes much more complicated than a simple whodunit–it delightfully turns into serious literature. Readers should hope for more captivating novels from this promising author.

–KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review)

The Flapper, the Scientist, and the Saboteur crackles with energy and emotion. Charlene Dietz delves deeply into issues of aging and the search for the truth–before it’s too late.”

John DeDakis, novelist, writing coach, and former senior copy editor for CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” (

“Charlene Dietz crafts a gripping mystery that runs alongside–and frequently intrudes into–an equally compelling family drama. The story will keep you desperate for more, and the quick-witted, easy-flowing dialogue creates an atmosphere of excitement and energy that is sure to draw you in. . . . a refreshing well-executed and original book.”

James Ayers, senior production editor, University of New Mexico Press

“Char Dietz uses extensive research, good writing, and a keen sense of the human psyche to create The Flapper, the Scientist, and the Saboteur. Beth Armstrong, the scientist and protagonist of this story, hits plenty of snags in her biomedical research into a cure for multiple sclerosis, just as she does in her relationships with her husband and with her aging, cantankerous aunt, but she doesn’t want to give up on any of it. Here is a story of a scientist’s struggle and a woman’s personal struggle that, like any life experiment, brings us face -to-face with the meaning of failure, success, and yes, even love.”

Paula Paul, author of Forgetting Tommie and Sins of the Empress

The author’s prose deftly captures her protagonist’s gutsiness and insouciance…The author is also a mater of suspense. A fast-paced historical novel that is both scary and witty, a wonderful combination.

–KIRKUS REVIEW (starred review)

Charlene Dietz’s newest novel takes the reader on an exhilarating romp through the dangerous but irresistible streets of Chicago in the roaring ’20s. Murder, romance, and chic flapper style appear effortless among the novel’s vivid characters, witty dialogue, and fast-moving scenes. You won’t want to miss this one!

-James Ayers, Managing Editor, UNM Press

Kathleen is a privileged teenager from an upper middle-class family in Minneapolis. She seems to have everything a girl could want, including a scholarship to a prestigious girls college. But she’s a rebellious girl who has been seeing an older married man. She runs away from home with a friend to pursue a dancing career in the speakeasies of Chicago. She moves deeper and deeper into a questionable life fueled with alcohol and men, all the while haunted by a murder of a friend back home who was seeing the same married man Kathleen was seeing. Her reckless adventures and search for illusive happiness will keep readers turning pages all the way to the end.

–Paula Paul, author of Alexandra Gladstone Series and more

Charlene Dietz’s finely drawn characters come to life in this gripping novel that captures the reader’s interest from beginning to end. Although the story is set in the “roaring twenties,” the elements of intrigue, friendship, and betrayal are still relevant today. The invincibility of the human spirit shines.

–Margaret Tessler, author of the Sharon Salazar Mysteries.

There are tense scenes . . . but it is the personal stakes rather than the mystery that will hold readers’ interest. The stage is skillfully set for more “wild stories.” An engaging family tale with a strong cast.