Hi, I’m Charlene Bell Dietz. I didn’t expect to become an author, but I am. I thought when I retired and moved out of the city into the mountains of central New Mexico, I’d draw, paint, and sculpt. But what if a person has stories to tell?copy1

I did, so I wrote, and wrote, and revised, and revised, and listened to editors, and revised some more until I had a book.

KIRKUS REVIEW liked The Flapper, the Scientist, and the Saboteur so they gave it a star. “Dietz is a talented writer. Readers will settle in for the standard mystery, but this story becomes much more complicated than a simple whodunit . . . it delightfully turns into serious literature.”

Naturally, after that I couldn’t quit writing. I had to tell more stories.

KIRKUS REVIEW also gave my second book a star, The Flapper, the Impostor, and the Stalker: A Novel (Inkydance Book Club Collection) “Madcap characters proliferate. Some are good and protective, but others are as dangerous as rattlesnakes. . . A fast-paced Historical novel that is both scary and witty, a wonderful combination.

In my before author life, I traveled the country as an educational consultant, was a public school administrator, taught many grades, including college graduate programs, and became a dedicated volunteer at the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute and for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science.  NMMNHS is a really cool place to work because as a member of their Fossil Posse we searched, found, and excavated dinosaurs.

Isn’t it interesting how life can go places you didn’t expect?  Have you ever started out thinking you’ll do one thing and end up doing something totally different?

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