Pause and Reflect

Hi. I’m Charlene Bell Dietz, and as a writer, I’m always searching for ideas, something a little different.

Drop in for a few minutes, explore, maybe let your thoughts become scheme stalkers.

Many of my posts are short with an interactive aspect (try the Frog Leap Test).  These posts may give you a new way to think about something, maybe a chance to learn more about yourself (Are You a Wordsmith?).  Some will engage you in a playful challenge, and if you comment, I’ll learn too.

I’ve been a long-term educator  I  taught elementary school and high school students.  Later, I became an administrator and adjunct professor at the College of Santa Fe.  After retiring, I worked for Houghton Mifflin Publishing, which is now Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, doing in-services for their products along with district staff developments for school districts around the country.

Sometimes we forget what’s important and fuss too much about little things–whether real or just feared.  I’m searching for the big rocks, the parts of life that really matter, and I’ve learned if you throw your heart and soul into what you care about, the rest disappears.

Tools that have helped me:  an eye for the unique, a heart full of humor, well defined goals to enrich our lives and the lives of others, mentors, friends who are filled with goodness, and our family.

Beyond the obvious, I care about writing well, the education of women who need assistance, protection of those who need it, and the discovery of anything new or unusual.

Please join in, subscribe, and leave your comments.  We’ll have an excellent adventure exploring the world of creative writing together.

Tell me what are some of the big rocks are in your life?


9 Responses to About

  1. Pat Wood says:

    I LIKE it, Charlene!!! Nice photos of you. Could you take some decent ones of me?? I’m impressed with your design and you have some interesting links.

    Tell me more about Inkydance Studios. Is that the name you use for your art work? I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned it. I want to know how it came about, and a lot more about you. (I’m sure others want that, too!)

    Everything you touch takes on a magical quality. This is no exception!

    Love ya my little friend!


    • Come on, Pat. Your photos on your site are wonderful, as is your photography.
      Check out http://www.patriciasmithwood.com/ for those who want to see for themselves. I love your site.

      The name “Inkydance Studios” screamed so loud I couldn’t ignore it. About eighteen years ago, after I first started to do some serious writing, my son gave me a little black lab puppy. Naturally, his name had to be Inky. Labs are goofy pups for more months than most. He loved chasing his tail and continued to do this on any demand for an “Inkydance”. He did this way into his dotage. Inkydance Studios encompasses all of my creative endeavors, not just writing.

      And thanks so much for your compliments.


  2. Paulina Czarnecki says:

    Great blog


  3. Sheri says:

    I discovered your blog by chance and I think it’s great! I look forward to reading more. 🙂


    • Well, one read deserves another, so I checked out what you two are doing and couldn’t stop reading. I’m so pleased you left a comment for me or I would never have discovered your posts that sets forth the bare honesty of how things are. Refreshing. Thank you.


  4. bcstoneb444 says:

    Thanks for liking my post on Pat Wood’s Easter Egg Murder.
    I’m enjoying reading your blog.


    • Brian, I tried to leave a comment and follow your blog, but for some reason, wordpress wouldn’t cooperate. I’ve been busy doing the final touches on my manuscript (just got the final line-edit back last night). So I’ve neglected my blogging. Appreciate your good words. I’m going to dive-in and redo the comment on yours and try to follow you again.


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