Perception Video Quizes

Dr. Daniel  Simons and his assistant Christophe Chabris , in the1990’s, created a sixty-second perception test that required people to watch a video.  This little brain-test quiz is now world famous.  Even though this video and his subsequent ones are copyrighted, Dr. Simons permits them to be included in blogs and for personal viewing.

I think this information is important for those of us who write. So enjoy a few minutes learning about how you perceive the world. If you’ve seen the first one, then what about the second one? Let me know what you think? (Scroll to bottom for comments.)

YouTube – selective attention test.

YouTube – The Monkey Business Illusion.

To learn more about his exciting quest for information on perception, please buy his book.  See this site supports authors. 🙂

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4 Responses to Perception Video Quizes

  1. Pat Wood says:

    Hysterical! Of course I missed the gorilla the first time. Watched it a second time to catch the gorilla and STILL only caught 11 of the passes. So I called Don in to watch it. I watched it along with him and was thinking THIS time I could catch all 15 passes. In the process, I missed the gorilla AGAIN!! So did he! Then I watched the other one on the stage. Still didn’t catch all the passes. Did see the gorilla, but had no clue the curtain changed colors and a black player left the stage! I’m hopeless!!!!


  2. So tickled that you found this worth your time–and Don’s. Don’t you think this is something that all writers need to know about? Talk about reliable narrators in our stories–who can be reliable if we don’t know let our readers know what they are suppose to see. Perfect for mystery writers, don’t you think? It’s all hiding in plain sight.


  3. Emily and I both watched it…

    Emily, in fact, DID miss the monkey.


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