Two TEDs every writer needs to know

Writing well demands solid and unique ideas presented in an appropriate format.

The ideas: TED, Technology Education and Design, curated by Chris Anderson, finds the latest and the best in creative, innovative, and intelligent thought.  Treat your muse to the on-line, free for viewing and posting, videos of keynote speeches made by thoughtful, insightful, and forward thinking people.

“It is the remarkable ability first of all to model some aspect of the external world inside our heads . . . and secondly to play with that mental model until suddenly. . . bingo . . . you find a way to rearrange it so it’s actually better. This is the amazing engine that underpins both technology the T of TED, and Design the D of TED.  It is this skill that has made possible the human progress of the last 50,000 years.”  Read Chris Anderson’s complete speech to the Harvard Graduate School of Design this last month.    A speech to Harvard Architects Graduates 2011.

The format: TED, The Editorial Department, founded by Renni Browne in 1980 is the oldest established editorial service.  Every serious writer needs a strong grasp on style that matches content, plot and character arcs, content that needs to be cut because it slogs along and disengages readers, and an eye for revision. This TED takes  promising new writers along with best selling authors and nudges them toward successful production of their craft.

TED prices are competitive and you’ll find them on the recommended list, under Editorial Department, the, of the publishing industry’s watch-dog, Predators & Editors.

No matter what your writing genre or what your vehicle for communication happens to be, if you let these two TEDs into your writing world, you’ll think of them as your two newest best friends.

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Writer by nature and for the soul. Educator for life. Artist for love. Passion: All things good and true.
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