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Stretch the reader’s credulity, his sense of logic, to the upmost—it is quite elastic—but don’t break it. In this way, you will write something new, surprising and entertaining to both yourself and the reader. -Patricia Highsmith If you’ve read Highsmith’s, … Continue reading

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Single-Function Items: A Creative Game

Do some things niggle at your mind until you’re force to examine them from all sides? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for me. “Sorry I’m late.” I held up my watch for my friend to see. “It’s self-winding. My … Continue reading

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Wet Feathers, Fowl Weather and Three Lessons

Guess I’m over that (dark) moon phase and now hung up on birds and weather.  Stick with me on this because I learned some truths about the world from a torrential downpour.  A few nights ago the sky darkened and … Continue reading

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Dark Moon

Wow! I do believe I’m on an astronomy kick here. For you mystery writers out there,  doesn’t Dark Moon sound more sinister than Blue Moon? “Once in a blue moon–” happens only when there is a second full moon in … Continue reading

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The Most Bombed Hotel In Ireland or Rain?

We plunged headlong down the street anxious to see the most bombed hotel in Ireland, but then the sky let loose enough water to drown fish– Our two friends and my husband voted for shelter in the historic Crown Bar … Continue reading

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Watch The Pages Fly

Anne Greenwood Brown shared a fantastic idea with Writer Unboxed 2011/06/29.  I read her Kicking Out a Fast First Draft.  This method propelled my second manuscript forward by seven chapters in three days.   Now how cool is that? But here’s … Continue reading

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