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Part 1: Revision, Revision, Revision

“(Working Title) has serious problems with structure and storytelling, it isn’t yet an effective novel.” Peter Gelfan sent this to me in an email back in 2007.  With that he essentially told me thanks and have a nice day. He … Continue reading

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Dark Moon

Wow! I do believe I’m on an astronomy kick here. For you mystery writers out there,  doesn’t Dark Moon sound more sinister than Blue Moon? “Once in a blue moon–” happens only when there is a second full moon in … Continue reading

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Watch The Pages Fly

Anne Greenwood Brown shared a fantastic idea with Writer Unboxed 2011/06/29.  I read her Kicking Out a Fast First Draft.  This method propelled my second manuscript forward by seven chapters in three days.   Now how cool is that? But here’s … Continue reading

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Vonnegut Plots Plotlines (via Jason B Colditz)

Unwind with some Vonnegut humor. Jason Colditz stalked the internal scheme of excellent story writing when he found the true physics behind our plots.   via Jason B Colditz

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