Bookish, Amazon, and you

What if best selling authors start to shun the big six publishers and head to Amazon’s new imprints? On May 23, 2011, Mike Shatzhin wrote on his blog the following:

Five years ago we lived in a world where every book that mattered sold more copies at brick stores than it did online. Five years from now every book that matters will sell more copies online than it does in a brick store. The Amazon decision may mark the commercial turning point of that massive shift.

Three of the big publishers (Hachette, Penguin, Simon & Schuster) are about to launch Bookish, an ebook library.  This is their counter to Amazon’s long tentacles that successful explore the public’s buying habits and preferences over many years.   Will Bookish be too late?

We’re writing right in the middle of a huge transition.  Hold on tight.

Note: If you visit the Bookish site, they’ll have a question for you to answer about your reading preference or reading habits, even though their site isn’t up and running yet.  Did you leave a comment?

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