Everything you need to know to catch the Curiosity rover landing

UPDATE:  No, no, no–NASA has a touch-down clock that says the Curiosity will land at 1:31 SDT, on August 6th; 11:31 MDT on August 5th; and 10:31 PDT August 5th.   And a big “Thank you” to my comet/asteroid chasing brother, Graham Bell, who keeps me in line.

Incorrect time: Who does know when the Curiosity will touch down?  My bet is with NASA.  They have a countdown clock that says the landing will be later than what I posted from the io9 site.

So ignore these times: Where will you be at 9:31 (10:31 Pacific time)on Sunday night?

Full moon over the Mediterranean

That’s the time here in NM that the Curiosity is supposed to touch down on Mars.  Now how many of you even know about the Curiosity and it’s mission?

Everything you need to know to catch the Curiosity rover landing.

Disclaimer:  The web site you are about access is addicting. Gawker Media started io9 in 2008 and it is edited by Annalee Newitz.  io9 is a circus of entertaining and enlightening subjects about the future and the latest in science and technology.

For me, the thought of traveling in space conjures up all sorts of desires to know–what is out there, exactly?  I want to see and understand.  Curiosity is such an appropriate name.

So believe me, if you’re a writer, you’re a dreamer.  io9 will help you jump-start your imagination and give you tools to polish your trade.

Comment below and tell me: Where does real space travel carry your imagination?

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