I hate roller coasters.

Now I’m on one, excited–intimidated–euphoric–worried– Well, you know how it goes if you’re a writer and remember when your very first book finally found a home after all those years of revisions, advice, revisions, and more advice.Disney and Denver, Sept, 2010 017

First, there’s the excruciatingly slow ride up a well-worn track where many before you have traveled. You imagine when you get to the top a kindly, intelligent publisher reaches out and accepts your book, thus turning your dreams into a reality.

When you found a home for your first book did you want to whoop and holler and  broadcast your joy to the whole world? I thought that would happen to me. It didn’t.

Did you feel hesitant? Maybe you visualized the swift downhill part of the roller-coaster ride. I did. I couldn’t bring myself to do any type of shouting from any type of rooftop. I sure as heck didn’t want to jinx anything.

The copy editor plans to be finished with his editing by the end of this week. The interior-design editor is doing whatever it is interior-design editors do. The most exciting part for me–I actually saw the book cover today. I’m speechless.

This is all about to become a reality. Wow . . . .

And here’s a thought: Quill Mark Press believes a book should leave the reader thinking about the story long after turning the last page. Can you think of a better way to evaluate a good book?  Okay, now I’m really, really, really excited!

I’d enjoy your leaving a comment below about the state of your emotions a few weeks before your debut novel appeared in public.  (Big smile.)


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8 Responses to AFTER THE LAST PAGE

  1. I think you know as well as almost anyone in what state my emotions were, even before The Easter Egg Murder was published! That notice telling me they wanted to offer me a contract put me on the moon, where I stayed for about eight months! Congratulations dear friend!!

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    • Aw, thanks, dear friend. How could any of us forget the launching of your first book. I don’t think your feet touched the ground for months. But one question: Pat, would you compare how you felt the first time to how you reacted when your second book joined the world? I know you found it terribly exciting too.


      • Yes, I was excited about that one too–especially since I had a bit more control over it that time. It’s all been exciting and I pinch myself frequently to make sure I’m not dreaming all this! Thanks for being there in my cheering squad!


    • Having control fuels us. And, we’re getting rather good at cheering our author friends on, aren’t we? I know certainly I appreciate your encouraging words. Thanks for checking in here at Inkydance Studios, Pat.


  2. Joan Taitte says:

    I have not written my first book, and do not know the thrill of hearing from a publisher who wants to offer you a contract. But, I have spent many hours in the last five years around very talented writers, both published and unpublished. I know how much of your heart went into this writing, sweet Charlene, and could not be happier for you!


  3. Margaret Tessler says:

    Charlene, I’m delighted for you, my sweet friend! Dreams and hard work go hand in hand — and it’s high time you see the rewards of both. It’s a thrill every time our novels see the light of day. I’m so glad you’re enjoying that thrill!


    • Your sharp eye and astute mind certainly played a huge part in all of this. Someday I hope to be a prolific as you are in turning out engaging books. Thanks for checking in here, Maragaret. I find your words and suggestions a treasure in this world of writing.


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