Do You Know The Feel?

Have you squinted your water-filled eyes against the whip of mane and wind?

Old silver spurs

Have you experienced the pull and lurch of horse muscle beneath you as your mount strides out and up the mountain side?   Have you learned how to move as one with the strength and power beneath the saddle as your four-legged companion picks the way down a steep slope?  Do you sit fast or bounce to kingdom-come when you’re on the back of some magnificent animal who received its how-to-trot lessons from a sewing machine? Have you longed to chase desperadoes and bring them to justice?

If you’re one of those city-slicker dudes, rest assured.  You can be the pro at this in the safety of your own home.  The Walt Longmire Series by Craig Johnson brings the living experience of the horse, the land, and the angst of the chase to you in hard-copy book form, audio book, and now as a television series.

You can read about this in many places but there’s no better place than the newspaper article from Craig Johnson’s home state, Wyoming, where the stories take place.  We Wyoming people are mighty excited about this, Craig.  I bet you used two nails to hang up that horse shoe over your door.

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2 Responses to Do You Know The Feel?

  1. Oh, Charlene! Thanks so much for this great promo for Craig Johnson! You do it so well, and I’m sure lots of folks will see your blog. I’m really glad you enjoy him.


  2. He captures the feel of Wyoming so well it makes me homesick. A huge thanks to you for introducing me to Walt and gang. You’re one of my gurus about good regional authors.


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