Missing In Action

Did you see the movie Misery(Stephen King)?  It came out years ago.  You see, there’s this author (James Caan) who killed off his main character.

Manuscript: Cuba Libre Conspiracies (Working Title)

He was taking his (hard-copy) manuscript to the post office, ran off the road, and was saved by a woman (Kathy Bates) who tried to kill him for killing off his protagonist.

The physical screen shot of the manuscript hit me hard.  Wow!  That’s what a manuscript looked like. Of course, what did I think it would look like?  After all, it was just a stack of paper with typing on it.   But, still–it held magic for me.

I don’t think that’s what the director nor the producer wanted me to come away with–but that’s what made the greatest impression in my mind.

After seven years at hard labor (writing at my computer) and sending my manuscript back and forth electronically, I decided to change my routine.  I usually edit one chapter, copy that chapter off, and then look for changes to be made in the hard copy.  Before I zap it once more to New York (electronically), I decided to print out the whole 423 pages.

I’m going to read it completely through from start to finish.

These last two months I’ve been searching for the perfect verbs, cutting extraneous dialogue and narrative summaries, and scrutinizing my plot and character arcs.    Heavy duty work that leaves little time for anything else.  So that’s why I’ve been missing in action here on wordpress.

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Writer by nature and for the soul. Educator for life. Artist for love. Passion: All things good and true.
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