Books and Bar: Shelf Awareness Pro Uncovered a Terrific Idea

Shelf Awareness Pro Notes
Two of Our Favorite Things: Book & Bar

Portsmouth Book & Bar, Portsmouth, N.H., is opening this coming Saturday, December 1, and will sell 15,000 used books and a range of food and drink, reported.

Shelf Awareness Pro

Located in 2,800 square feet of strikingly renovated space, Portsmouth Book & Bar will focus on literary fiction, poetry, YA, philosophy and art books.

Store owners David Lovelace, John Petrovato and Jon Strymish have substantial bookselling pedigrees. Together the three owned Montagne Book Mill, Montague, Mass. Petrovato owns Raven Used Books in Boston and Cambridge, Mass. Strymish’s family owned the New England Book Fair for more than 50 years.

Shelf Awareness Pro

In addition, chef Amy Mehaffey owned the café inside the Eric Carle Museum of Children’s Picture Book Art in Amherst, Mass.

Don’t you just love this?

A close friend and I spent hours traveling, which gave us the luxury of time to conjure up possibilities. One of our more brilliant ideas involved opening a wine tasting bar and bookstore after we retired.   She’s still hasn’t retired–but maybe someday.

What enterprising combination involving books are in your daydreams?

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