Defining Our Differences: Another Test For You

Several friends and readers are pestering me for more information about their learning styles. Yep, they are truly in my face about this, and they know who they are. Here’s my original post, which explains a bit about the four different learning styles and a shorten version of the “real” test. Have fun and please leave me a comment about how this sample quiz matches with your real life.

CHARLENE BELL DIETZ, Author: Inkydance Studios

I pulled out my car keys and started out the door.  My husband stopped me and smiled.  He handed me a map because he knows me well.

I usually have a good sense of where I’m going and how to get there and I don’t care that I have to drive around a lot to find the right access.   I call it, “–taking the scenic route.”

But he would prefer  to read written directions with mileage, road numbers, and all the turns listed. And he would have called ahead to make reservations . . . Wow!

Thanks goodness we’re all different because the world needs accountants, engineers, and computer programers. I’ll tell you right now, these jobs are completely out of my league.

What about you?  How would you describe yourself? Do you prefer order and predictability? Do you prefer working independently or maintaining harmony in group settings? Do you…

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