_EE41444Several years after I started writing, one of my dearest friends said, “When this book gets published, I’m throwing a huge party.”


She thought she had a couple of years to prepare. Eight years later, on June 12, 2016, she, her husband, and another close friend created a book-launch celebration that left me almost speachless.


Danielle Foster, co-owner of Bookworks Book Store, Albuquerque, NM did the honors . . . .


When I worked for Houghton Mifflin Publishing, now HMH, I did many displays. I found this a useful transferable skill.


New Mexico deserts make people thirsty. Guests found a well-stocked bar out on the patio.


And what a lovely patio!


Guests inside enjoyed food, conversation, and a book presentation.


While everyone enjoyed the day conversing, drinking, and eating . . . this poor author couldn’t party. She had to sign all those books. Life is tough.

Photos: Courtesy of Professional Photographer, Eban Bell and my brother, Bruce Bell





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Writer by nature and for the soul. Educator for life. Artist for love. Passion: All things good and true.
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  1. What an amazing and beautiful celebration! You have a wonderful friend who has great taste! It couldn’t happen to a greater lady!


  2. These friends are not only wonderful, but creative and thoughtful. We worked together as educators for many years. Now we find time to play together, but I never expected this event to be such a fantastic celebration. As a photographer, as well as an author, I’m sure you loved these photos! Don’t I have a most talented nephew and brother? Thank you for your sweet comments, Pat.


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