Three Wishes

My first wish: A room full of books on shelves from floor to ceiling all around the room.

My second wish: (Fifteen years later) A way to clean the dust from thousands of books.

My third wish: (In fifteen years) I would like to have two dozen elves to take over my affordable way to clean these freaken books!

I’ve discovered through researching, the best way to clean your library requires a good hand vacuum cleaner, microfiber (magnetic) dust cloths, a clean paint brush, mask, gloves, and lots of time. I didn’t want to just redeposit the dust so after vacuuming, I took stacks of books outside on our deck. Here’s what you do next: Using the microfiber cloth wipe the outer pages and cover of the book. Take a clean paint brush and brush the pages of the closed book several times. Then flip the pages of each book. A slight breeze really helps. Before replacing the books be sure the shelves are clean and dry.

About Char of inkydancestudios

Writer by nature and for the soul. Educator for life. Artist for love. Passion: All things good and true.
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2 Responses to Three Wishes

  1. Wow!!! I’m impressed, Charlene!!! You are the energizer bunny for sure. I’d never be able to do what you do. My hat’s off to you. I have to wear a hat when I go out these days. No ability to see my hair dresser, you know!!!


  2. Aw, Pat, you are always so good to me. What I thought would take me a week took over three weeks. I hope you watched the video of the amazing machine that cleans books for libraries. Hey, you don’t need to worry about your looks. Hairdresser or not, you’re a beautiful person.


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